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Brandon Staley Said TCU's 2022 Team Was 'The Same' As Georgia Or Alabama In One Of The Most Egregious Quotes Of All-Time

I'm sorry, what did he say? Is Brandon Staley trying to gaslight me right now?

I guess the Chargers head coach is trying to retroactively hype up the 2022 TCU Horned Frogs after Los Angeles drafted half their offense, but he knows we have film of the national championship game, right? Maybe someone should share it with Staley, because it seems he may not have watched it yet.

TCU had a good team in 2022 — pretty lucky, but good. Georgia has the best program in the country right now and Alabama has been the standard in college football for more than a decade. One College Football Playoff appearance, the lasting memory of which is an unprecedented demolition at the hands of one of the other aforementioned teams, does not put TCU anywhere close to that level.

And that's not to say Quentin Johnston and Darius Davis won't be good players. Great players come from bad programs and vice versa every season, which makes it weirder that Staley would try to just tell blatant untruths to try to make TCU look better. They were a fine team last year with good players; you don't have to lie and pretend they were anywhere near the level of Georgia or Alabama.

With that said, I'd have probably tested the Eagles' strategy of drafting all the guys from the back-to-back national champs first and then come back to the Horned Frogs.