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Sorry Philly - Yordan Alvarez Said He Watched His Game-Winning Home Run From Game 6 Of The World Series Once A Night For A Month Before He Went To Sleep

Uhhhh, ya think? Of course Yordan Alvarez watched his monstrous moonshot every single night for a month before he went to to bed. It was a MONSTER home run that basically put the nail in the Phillies coffin. If I was Yordan I'd STILL be watching it every night. Phillies fans probably thought they were done reliving this 450 blast.

That ball was absolutely pissed on. If I was Alvarez, I'd have made the sound of ball hitting bat my ringtone. So him watching it once a night before he fell asleep seems a bit tame to me. Have it on a loop playing in my kitchen, that is what I would do. See kids, superstars are just like us. If they do something sick they rewatch it back over and over before they fall asleep. I love how he admitted it too, some guys wouldn't want to talk about how much they watched the biggest moment of their career. But Yordan is like "Hell yeah I watched it. Over and over and over and over." Love that.