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Steph Curry Texted Draymond That He Couldn't Sleep After Game 6 And Supposedly Delivered One Of The Most Powerful Speeches To Have The Warriors Ready For Game 7

Hate Draymond or love him, he gives you the truth after great wins or really bad losses and doesn't run from the media like I don't know random example Dillon Brooks. Listen to the clip above where Draymond talks about the speech that Steph gave the team before traveling to Sacramento. It is so cool to hear one of the best players of all time truly care this much about the game still even though he has to prove nothing more, he can stop playing right this second and be a top 10 player of all time. 

I feel like when Steph Curry talks, it has to resonate with the team because it's like "If this guy cares this much, we should all care as well". Draymond said at the end of the clip he knew Steph was going to do something special and knew there was no way he was going to let the Warriors lose that game 7. I wish I heard any of this before the game because a responsible bet would have been made on the Warriors. But I still have chills just listening to that whole sequence knowing it got the entire team locked the fuck in.

There aren't a lot of people like this left in the NBA. There are a lot of fake ones who talk shit to the media but don't talk to their team and then go and drop 50. Two of the people left like this in the NBA are now playing each other in Lebron and Steph. It is going to be the best series in the playoffs and Steph Curry is a top 5 player of all time. End the discussion. This man has changed the game forever and there will never be another Steph Curry.