OOPS: FBI Agents In Boston Conducting A Special Training Operation Mistakenly Went Into The Wrong Room, Which Actually Belonged To Two Delta Airlines Pilots, Handcuffed Them, Threw Them In The Shower, And Interrogated Them For An Hour Before Realizing They Had The Wrong Room - As part of a Department of Defense training exercise Tuesday night, agents from the DOD and the FBI entered the wrong room at a Boston hotel and mistakenly detained an airline pilot. 

The incident occurred around 10 p.m. as agents participated in a training exercise designed to “simulate a situation [DOD] personnel might encounter in a deployed environment,” an FBI spokesperson said in a statement to 

“Based on inaccurate information, they were mistakenly sent to the wrong room and detained an individual, not the intended role player,” the FBI said. 

Instead, a Delta Air Lines pilot staying on the 15th floor of the Revere Hotel on Stuart Street was awoken, WBZ reported. The man was reportedly handcuffed and interrogated for nearly an hour. 

The pilot was asleep when he heard agents outside, WBZ reported. The man opened the door and allowed them in. As part of the detainment, agents reportedly put the man into the shower.

You know when something unbelievable happens to you, but you're alone and nobody's around to witness it, so you think to yourself, "how the fuck am I going to tell people about this? Nobody's ever going to believe me."?

Well imagine how these airline pilots felt.

Poor guys are just trying to catch their government-mandated 8 hours of z's during a layover in Boston so they can fly the next day, when there's a knock on at the door. 

Their first mistake was answering the door.

Everybody knows that you never answer the door at a hotel. As it can only be bad news. Point in case- this situation.

But imagine their surprise when they opened that door a crack, and 6 guys in tactical gear bum-rushed the room, and threw them into the shower. Poor bastards are lucky one of them didn't have a heart attack.

I'm trying to figure out who was more confused in this entire situation.

The special ops team who had to have been giving this guy a barrage of questions he legitimately had no clue about, or one of the pilots himself, who had to have been turning over every single skeleton in his closet from since he was 16, wondering what the entire thing was about. 

Toss up.

And just imagine these pilots after they left. Imagine trying to sleep after that? They had to have hit everybody they knew up to tell them what happened, strolled into Logan bright-eyed and bushy-tailed first thing the next morning, before well their flight, to tell their entire crew, "Hey you guys will never believe what happened to us last night, we got waterboarded by the FBI. All by mistake". And there's zero chance anybody believed him because the story is just so far-fetched.

They must have felt like Chunk did when he tried to call the police on the Fratelli's, and they didn't believe him

The FBI issuing an, "oops" is also so FBI it hurts.

Hopefully, a nice payday is coming toward this Delta pilot. Well deserved.

p.s. - can the FBI and organizations just use public places like hotels for drills and stuff like this without telling the public? Or is that part of making it more realistic? 

p.p.s. - anytime Boston FBI is brought up on the blog, it's mandatory this clip is included.


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