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Report: The Colts Would've Drafted Will Levis at #4 Overall If Anthony Richardson Was Gone

James Gilbert. Getty Images.

There was smoke all week that Kentucky QB Will Levis to the Colts at #4 was a sure thing if he was there. With only Gardner Minshew on the roster as their main signal caller and picking so high, it made sense for the Colts to be pegged as an easy Quarterback team. 

But with Alabama's Bryce Young going 1st overall and Ohio State's C.J. Stroud going 2nd overall, there was a thought Levis could be gone by #4. After all, it was just earlier in the week that rumors circulated Levis could be the Panthers #1 pick and he was the betting favorite to go #2 not even 24 hours before the Draft. However, the Texans traded back up to #3 to take a Defensive player in Will Anderson Jr., so the Colts had got to choose between seemingly their next two QBs. They ended up going with Florida's Anthony Richardson, which made sense given new Head Coach Shane Stiechen's track record having just developed Jalen Hurts into one of the league's top QBs. 

But Colts owner Jim Irsay had a weird tweet on Friday night before Round 2 as Levis has fallen out of the 1st Round.

The Commanders did this in Round 1 & 4 and it ended up working out great with Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, but we haven't seen QBs go to the same team in the 1st & 2nd round ever. But a report did come out that the Colts really did like Levis. Enough to take him at #4 overall.

So while it appears that Irsay was just floating out a weird rumor to get the people going, the Colts really did like Levis enough to pick him very high on Thursday night. But with Levis falling all the way to #33, their AFC South foe, the Tennessee Titans scooped him up and now Indy could be seeing Levis twice a year.