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Heartwarming Moment Of The Draft - Cowboys Draft Son Of Assistant Director Of College Scouting With Dad In The War Room

Chris Vaughn is the Assistant Director of College Scouting for the Dallas Cowboys. It's a job where he has a clear conflict of interest with his son, Duece being a Draft prospect. So much so that Chris would leave the room while his son was ever being discussed as the bias would be unavoidable. 

Well in the 6th round, the Cowboys made the pick and took Duece Vaughn, who is an electric factory at Running back. At only 5'5" he's kind of like a Danny Woodhead/Darren Sproles type player. But the cool part was they cut to the Cowboys War Room and you see Chris just lose it. As a Dad myself, I cannot even imagine the overwhelming joy Chris Vaughn has right now. It's a truly incredible moment that stole the show on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

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