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The "Fuck Them Picks" Rams Take Stetson Bennett With Their First Of NINE Day 3 NFL Draft Selections

Former walk-on and two-time national champion Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett has joined the Los Angeles Rams!!

Hand up: I missed one of the Rams' trades from last night, so they actually had NINE Day 3 draft picks entering Saturday.

Now they're up to ELEVEN. I don't know if they'll pick at all those spots. So far they have!

Anyway...I personally threw down on Bennett to go off the board in Round 6. Why? Because I zeroed in on the Rams as a primary destination for him, and figured once they'd burned through their three picks in the fifth round, they'd use one of their three picks in the top 14 of the sixth round on Bennett. Alas...LA nabs him two rounds earlier than I expected. And I think this was a shock to many to hear Bennett's name called this soon. He turns 26 in October after all.

Another reason folks thought Bennett's draft stock would be more or less in the tank: He was arrested on January 29 on a public intoxication charge. Jokes have already started rolling in. A little Baker Mayfield not-so-deep cut here.

Dude's got some serious juice to him and feels a certain type of way about being overlooked for his whole football career. Among the last betting lines I saw on which round Bennett would be selected in, his shortest odds were to actually be undrafted.

Some good vibes going into LA for the big stage-loving Bennett, though.

Most Day 3 draft picks aren't newsworthy, right? Stetson Bennett is different. Needle-mover. Gamer. A better dual-threat QB than he gets credit for due to his rushing ability and underrated arm strength. A hell of a lot better than whoever the fuck is backing up Matthew Stafford, another ex-Georgia star. Strange that the Saints trade up for Jake Haener to join Derek Carr as a fellow Fresno State alum in the same NFL quarterback room. Now we have a similar dynamic with STETS and Stafford.

Stafford has been battered throughout much of his career and got smoked last season behind a porous, banged-up offensive line. Ideally the Rams will continue to deploy their Super Bowl-winning signal-caller and not have to thrust Bennett into action. However, with the way LA has started this draft and with plenty of opportunities to add more guys through Saturday, I like the direction this on-the-fly rebuild is going.

Shameless plug of my En Eff El Draft Show segment on the Bengals:

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