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I Have No Words

Actually, I have a lot of words. I will try my best to form them into coherent sentences because I am so besides myself right now. It's absolutely insane that we (yes I'm on the Bruins) are here. Two chances to close out this series, both failures. Most of it self inflicted, too. Horrible turnovers. Horrible defense. Pretty close to horrible goaltending. The blame goes around. The attention to detail has been thrown out of the window. Structure? Out the window. Failure to break the puck out and just so many mental breakdowns. It's uncharacteristic. 

It actually is the first time I've questioned Jim Montgomery's decision making this year. This isn't the regular season. This is do or die. I know the process worked in the regular season, but the process isn't working right now. That bottom D pair (-3) should've been stapled to the bench. I'm not sure how you think Matt Grzelcyk (unless he's battling something) should be the one that sits for Clifton (who I was in favor of playing). Yes, Krejci and Bergeron are back but Trent Frederic should be in over Nick Foligno. Taylor Hall has been one of their best forwards all series and he doesn't even sniff the power play (albeit the PP did go 2/3 tonight)? I think he's overthinking his lineup a bit.

Yes, you can argue alllll day long about the goal that was called back. I don't think it was deliberate and he's trying to get up and get his hand back on his stick. No intent but it is what it is. Have to play through.

All things considered Jake DeBrusk scored a beautiful shorthanded goal to take the lead with 9:38 to go. This team that we all saw all year shuts it down after that. Nope. Took Florida 27 seconds later to tie it up. Just infuriating.  

Whatever Linus Ullmark is battling… I've seen enough. Give the guys some juice to actually want to play well in front of their goalie. I think you have no choice to go to Jeremy Swayman in Game 7 because I have no confidence in Ullmark right now. He doesn't look himself. Couldn't corral any rebounds. Was drifting out of his crease. He's either battling something or has just lost his confidence.

My only encouraging thoughts are David Pastrnak (2G), Brad Marchand (4A) and Tyler Bertuzzi (2G, 1A) chipping in offensively. Like I said earlier, the PP looked much better too.

Boston has failed twice now to match Florida's desperation. It should not have come to this… but now that we are here. What are the 2023 Boston Bruins made of? Well we're about to find out.

Bruins in 7