I Will NEVER Pre-Record Wake Up Mintzy Again

I had a helluva week going until Friday morning. This week I saw Billy Joel at MSG, The 57:41 Yak 10k, 3 years of no alcohol, and Wake Up Mintzy was rollin'. Then everything came crashing down.

Why did this happen you ask? 

Because I am an idiot. 

I decided to pre-record the Friday morning edition of Wake Up Mintzy after the En Ef Ell Draft Party at the Barstool Office last night. I am a groomsman in a wedding in Raleigh, North Carolina and had a morning flight. In my twisted mind, this seemed logical and not a big deal.

Dave Portnoy saw things far differently.


Dave texted me and was less than thrilled with my decision making. And then he went off on me on Twitter.

I tried to apply mental gymnastics when #cancelmintzy started trending on Twitter. I always try to spin negative stuff into some kind of positive but Dave was not having any of it. 

I am formally apologizing to Stella Blue Coffee, Pardon My Cheesesteak, Dave Portnoy, Big Cat and the Stoolies. I learned a valuable lesson today. I WILL NEVER PRE-RECORD WAKE UP MINTZY AGAIN.

Hopefully, the redemption starts on Monday morning and I don't get cancelled.

What a crazy week!