LeBron James Is Absolutely Insane For What He Did After Losing In The NBA Finals With The Heat

When I saw the way Rachel Nichols reacted and how Dwayne Wade was like I swear I am not lying I was ready to be stunned. He jumped into the pool off of a balcony. The reason I wasn't stunned is I have so many stupid friends that would do that. I guess it is crazy when you have the best basketball player to ever live not caring at all about getting hurt. The man just lost the title and wanted to jump. 

That could have all been on Dwayne Wade though. Wade told him it is probably 8 or 9 feet deep so if it was 5 ft deep his death or injuries is completely on him. You always say in that spot you have no idea so you can never be in the wrong. 

I have a feeling LeBron is fucking awesome outside of basketball. He has a very corny reputation off the court and I feel like everyone thinks he is this boring guy. Maybe he is just this crazy bastard jumping off of every roof he sees. Maybe his lack of a normal childhood will lead to him doing more of this shit because he never experienced it. It's amazing how much more I like LeBron now after all this Dillon Brooks shit. That and the 30/1 ticket I have on them to win it all.