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Weekend Recommendation- SISU

Rain is in the forecast for the next 3 days, so perhaps this weekend is the perfect time to go see a movie.

I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE- I just used the rain as an excuse (or maybe a beard) for why I am going to be indoors for the next 72 hours when in reality, I can go to the theatre in the most pristine weather conditions and not feel an ounce of guilt or regret.

(Now, does the fact that I just confessed imply I may have a smidge of guilt or regret?... Perhaps, but I am done being introspective about my love for seeing movies for now.)

I just saw a film called Sisu and you should also.


I'll try to give you a couple of reasons without revealing anything you wouldn't glean from the trailer (which will I will attach at the end), and for some deeper spoiler-filled insight, I am sure the Lights Camera Barstool guys will pore over this film with a fine-tooth comb.

Do you like the John Wick and/or Rambo franchise?... Then you'll love Sisu.

Do you like the nuggets of WW2 history injected into Inglourious Basterds?... 

Giphy Images.

Then you'll love Sisu.

Do you like tough guys with dogs?… 

Then you'll love Sisu.

Do you hate Nazis?… 

Giphy Images.

Then you'll love Sisu.

Do you like Man With No Name-like Westerns?… 

Giphy Images.

Then you'll love Sisu.

Do you like movies that are 99% action and 1% dialog?… 

Then you'll love Sisu.

Here's a new one for me- Do you like movies that empower women?…

Giphy Images.

Then, surprisingly, you'll love Sisu.

Do you like scenes where a badass hero has to perform surgery on himself?… A surgery that inevitably involves him dropping freshly removed bloody shrapnel into a metal dish and then crudely sewing himself back up?

Then you'll love Sisu.

Do you enjoy well-crafted love stories where two characters become soulmates and wind up having consensual and unselfish sex?… Then Sisu is not for you, Joey.

Giphy Images.

But for everyone else who enjoys pure violence perpetrated by an easily loved hero against easily hated villains, Sisu might be the finest hour and a half you'll have this weekend.

And it's the best movie I've seen this year.

Quick history lesson before you go to nip any questions you may have in the bud… Finland fought on essentially three sides in WWII:

  1. The side of Finland- The first major conflict for the Finns was the defensive Winter War against an invasion by the Soviet Union in 1939.
  2. That was followed by the offensive Continuation War, where together with Germany and the other Axis Powers, Finland again fought against the Soviets, in 1941–1944. 
  3. And finally, the third conflict was the Lapland War against Germany in 1944–1945, followed by the signing of the Moscow Armistice with the Allied Powers, which stipulated the expulsion of Nazi German forces from Finnish territory.

Keep that in the back of your mind as you learn the legend of Aatami Korpi.

Take a report.


Here's that trailer I promised…

And here is the second-finest hour you can have this weekend… The Twisted History of Double Jeopardy.