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Now That The First Round Of The NFL Draft Is Out Of The Way, It's Time To Shift Our Focus Solely On College Lacrosse

It's the final weekend in April. You know what that means, bitch. 

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It's time for lacrosse to put the entire sports world on its back. 

The 1st round of the NFL Draft has come and gone. NBA playoffs are cool and everything but only until the Sixers get eliminated. They cancelled the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year once they realized the Flyers weren't going to make it. And we can wait until the middle of July to start really caring about baseball. 

The month of May belongs to lacrosse, and this weekend we get a great little appetizer to the main menu. It all starts tonight with 4 huge games on deck with big time conference tournament implications. Army vs BU and Lehigh vs Loyola in Patriot League action. Marquette vs Denver and Villanova vs Georgetown in Big East play. Tomorrow we get the Big Ten quarterfinal games with Michigan vs Ohio State and then Maryland vs Rutgers. In Ivy League action we have what is essentially a play-in game between Yale and Harvard. Winner of that game advances to the Ivy League tournament, loser goes home. And we wrap things up with a beauty of an ACC matchup on Sunday afternoon with #1 Notre Dame vs #3 Virginia. 

Just an absolutely gorgeous slate of games on the board for this weekend, and we don't even have to pretend to care about anything else going on in the world of sports. Just us and the oldest sport in America. What could possibly be better than that?

So to get yourself ready for the best weekend of the year so far, make sure to listen to our weekend preview show. We have a couple of hours before the games get going tonight. That's just enough time to fire up the latest episode of the podcast. 

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