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Game Notes Daily - Frankie Borrelli Is Here!! The Biggest Islanders Fan In The World Joined The Show

Friday's episode closed out an insane week on the Game Notes Daily. The number of winners from our guests, the chat, and the 3 of us was crazy. Even crazier were some of the guests we had on, but today we had Islanders #1 fan Frankie Borrelli join the show to tell us all things Islanders before their Game 6 matchup with the Canes at home.

Hope you enjoy and if you wanna be part of the podcast in 2 weeks, click this link, make a bid, and help some families that need it.

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Frankie Borrelli: 3-2 Islanders +2200, Draw +310, Horvat anytime goal +200 or Horvat PP point +300

Grinnell: Bruins money line -175, Debrusk anytime +180, Coyle anytime +370

Army: Bruins 5-3 +1800, Coyle anytime +370, Rantanen over 1.5 points +148

Singsy: Bruins money line -175, Marchand 1st Goal +1300

Murls: Hall over .5 point -103, Wild money line -112, Coyle anytime +370, Avs to win series +150

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