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Will Levis Got His Mind Off Of Not Being Picked In The First Round By Being Reminded In The Green Room That Hank Has Never Guessed The Pardon My Take Lottery Ball Correctly

Michael Hickey. Getty Images.

One of the biggest stories of Day 1 in the NFL Draft wasn't about who was taken on Thursday night, but instead, some of the notable names that are still on the board.

One of those players? Kentucky QB Will Levis, who also happens to be a Pardon My Take Award Winning Listener. With that in mind, Big Cat did his best to try and make the very long wait in the green room a little bit easier for Levis, by shooting him a quick reminder. That reminder goes as follows:

Mr. Cat: Hey, just throw on the video of me getting the lottery ball and Hank being salty as fuck.

Will Levis: Shit had me crying! What a loser.

As Big Cat admitted in this clip, the PMT crew is very, very biased in their analysis of the NFL Draft. If you are friendly with the crew, we will root for you. It's that simple.

So, despite Hank not guessing the lottery ball correct in 439 official tries, he brought a smile to Will Levis' face during a very, very stressful time in his life. Love to see it!