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I Don't Know If This Is Actually Sean Payton Ripping A Bong In This Video, But I Sure As Hell Hope It Is

Last night I saw this video on Twitter, which is supposedly Denver's new coach Sean Payton taking a dome rocker with the boys. Now I can't tell if that is actually Sean Payton, but if it isn't I am going to be thoroughly disappointed.

There are a few things you need to do when you get to a new city. First of all, you have to get the lay of the land. Where is a chill neighborhood to live? Where can I some get killer food? Where's the poppin' bars to celebrate when my NFL team pulls off a big victory?

And the next thing you do is ingratiate yourself into the local culture. If that actually is Sean in the video then I am assuming he has found a dope apartment, already mashed on some fire grub at Avanti F&B, and grabbed some cocktails at The Cruise Room. That means the only thing left to do is get absolutely baked out of your gourd with the homies. 

And there is nothing like clearing the chimney with a couple bros who are all about positivity.

"You're the man. Yeah you are."

Hell yeah you are, Sean (hopefully). Everyone needs friends like these.

If you're going to have to deal with Russ Wilson's team of PR people and stylists while watching his cringey ass videos all season then you better have a way to blow off some steam. Or better yet, a glass bubbler to rip some steam out of. 

Giphy Images.

And I don't care that this came out on draft night. The Broncos didn't have a first round pick and Sean (maybe) had nothing better to do than choof some ganja and watch along with the rest of us. Nothing wrong with that.

I also appreciate the subtle nod to Laremy Tunsil back in the 2016 draft. An all-time draft moment, to be sure.

And Tunsil just signed a 3-year $75 Million contract so things seemed to work out pretty good for him. If this truly is Sean Payton I'm not only picking Denver to win the AFC West but I'm placing a future on them to win the Super Bowl. Right now they are +3500 on the Barstool Sportsbook.

Super Bowl wining coaches need to be even keeled and no one is more even keeled than someone stoned out of their skull. Plus, manifesting is super important. To win the Super Bowl you need to smoke some super bowls. Hell yeah, Payton (hopefully).