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Micah Parsons Was "Sick To His Stomach" After The Eagles Drafted Jalen Carter, Clearly Wants To Be In Philly

I'm genuinely starting to feel bad for Micah Parsons. Because this man has found himself in such a painfully ambivalent situations. For starters, he is one of the most talented players in the NFL. But he knows that talent is being wasted playing for an organization ran by such a geriatric nimrod like Jerry Jones. Secondly, it is becoming clearer and clearer that this man wants to be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

A team that, theoretically, should be his arch nemesis. That would be like if Emperor Palpatine was madly and deeply in love with Yoda. It's a forbidden love, but it's becoming harder and harder for Micah Parsons to hide. He can't come right out and say he wants to play for the Eagles. But he's been dancing around saying those three little words "I love you" for months now. Whether it's being around for the Phillies World Series run, or constantly tweeting about how great Lane Johnson is, or now being "sick to his stomach" over how well-run the Eagles organization is to be able to draft Jalen Carter and plug him in a defense alongside of guys like Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham. 

So that "sick to my stomach" that Micah Parsons is feeling? Well it's actually just heartbreak. And not heartbreak because he's upset the Eagles are continuing to load up on a roster that already just went to the Super Bowl. But heartbreak because he's not a part of it. And unfortunately he started to put the pieces together that the Eagles continue to reload that line on the cheap after replacing an $81 million Javon Hargrave with a $23 million Jalen Carter. 

Once Micah got into the value portion of the pick, I think that's when it really hit him that he either needs to get to Philly right now or else it'll never happen. And this was before Howie finished up the night by taking Nolan Smith with the 30th overall pick. Honestly I think we need a wellness check on Micah after that one. 

Again, I just feel awful for Micah. Unrequited love is always devastating to watch play out in real time. I wish I could give the man a hug or something. Or maybe Howie could just make the trade happen now while he's still on his rookie deal. Ian Book and a future 5th round pick for Micah Parsons. Do the deal. 

P.S. -- AJ Brown might be the greatest antagonizer in the league right now.