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It's Starting To Get So Goddamn Sad Watching Will Levis Sit Around In The Green Room

Alright, enough is enough! I'm getting sick and tired of everyone firing off their jokes about Will Levis sitting in the green room. We've reached the sad category of it all. I want him to get drafted (by anyone outside of the NFC East not named the Giants and teams I hate). He's not that bad! I promise. He's not a disaster. I'll fight that to the death. 

You have his mom hugging him. Not now mom! Not during this disaster! The man was projected to go top-10, even top-5. Now he's reached Aaron Rodgers, Geno Smith, Manziel, etc category. I don't care for it because until he gets drafted he's still a Kentucky guy. People are being mean about his mom hugging him while he looks so damn sad. 

I honestly have no idea when he gets drafted. Maybe someone trades back up to get him? A Reddit rumor had him going No. 1 just a couple days ago and now the man is stuck in green room hell. This is sad, that's all I can say.