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Trent's Army Crawl Defies Physics & It's The Most Athletic Thing This Office Has Ever Seen

This is one of those videos that, no matter how many times you watch it you still can't figure out. The moment Trent's legs touch the ground they become dead weight.. Given, there's some intense wiggling of the right knee, but if you look closely it does nothing, and the left knee is just paralyzed the whole time until he leaps up. 

Despite this, he somehow glides effortlessly at full speed as if he's being pulled by an invisible zip cord across a smooth sheet of ice. 

Naturally, the office was buzzin':

People were quick to remind us, though, that Trent is a natural born athlete. This man has fought his way through a birth canal at fourteen pounds, intercepted every football that's come his way, and even hit the green on hole 17 at Sawgrass. 

Unfortunately the same can't be said for Riggs right now.

Prayers for a quick recover to Riggs, and be sure to tune into Barstool's En Eff El draft LIVE tonight at 8pm to see which round Trent goes in. Would not be shocked if every team in the league is reviewing that tape & readjusting their picks right now.