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The Best RING GIRL FAILS In Rough N Rowdy History

Welcome back to Ref N Robbie, where Large and I take a closer look at the beautiful chaos that unfolds at Rough N Rowdy.

Last week, we dove into the past and I gave Large a history lesson on RNR, how the Barstool connection came to be, and more....

This week, we're looking towards the future, though - and breaking down the MAIN EVENT of Rough N Rowdy 21: Shizzat the Rizzat vs The American Ninja - LOSER LEAVES TOWN!

That's right - for the first time in Rough N Rowdy history, we're putting on a retirement match; the stakes have never been higher. Whoever loses this fight will never return to the RNR ring. Two staples of Rough N Rowdy, but only one will see another day in the squared circle.

It all goes down on May 12th at the Mountain Health Arena in Huntington, West Virginia.