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Eric Spoelstra Is By Far The Best Coach In The NBA Over The Last 15 Years And A Top 10 Coach Of All Tine

Jimmy Butler has been getting a lot of praise for all the right reasons because he has been absolutely incredible. I was thinking though that Eric Spoelstra is just underrated as a basketball coach. I think its because basically when he got the head coaching job he was handed the big three and everyone said they could coach that team to a championship, and that isn't necessarily true. It could potentially be harder because of all the egos on the team, especially those three because of the extremely high expectations. If you remember that first season they started 9-8 and there is that famous video of LeBron bumping Spoelstra by the bench, which people assumed meant he was on the hot seat right away. They obviously figured it all out before losing to the Mavericks in the NBA finals. 



My point is that I don't think Eric Spoelstra gets a lot of credit for coaching those teams because "they should have won" but he was simply one of the best coaches back then and continues to still be now. 

You would think after that era the Heat would have to rebuild and figure so much shit out and a lot of coaches would end up getting fired as a result. But Spoelstra ended up back in the NBA finals (during the Mickey Mouse year) against the Lakers which nobody expected. 

He can get the most out of any player on his roster like a Tyler Herro and manages Jimmy Butler exactly how you should. On the other hand take a look at Doc Rivers and how he handled Jimmy, the fact Jimmy Butler couldn't win on that team is insane. The Heat just beat the NBA Finals favorite in 5 games as an 8 seed with Spoelstra out coaching Budenholzer the entire way. Some coaches have too much of an ego too and think they know what to do but he trusts his guys and they play hard for him in return. He is a top 10 coach of all time and people need to respect it.