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Like KFC, This Homeowner Has No Choice Other Than Getting The Hell Out Of Their House, After Catching This Man Ghost Living There

This video was making the rounds on reddit this week apparently. But I wasn't even looking for ghosts, or anything of the sort. That snoopy little shit tik tok knows what you're doing at all times and what I was actually doing was watching KFC discuss how he just bought the new Amityville Horror house and moved into it.

I don't care what you say, that statue is scary as fuck and the fact somebody just had that laying around to begin with has me asking a whole lot of questions. #1 being how jealous is Feitelberg of the statue's outfit and teased hair?

But there I was, wondering to myself, how does a guy whose intelligence I respect could literally just watch "The Watcher" on Netflix like a minute ago, and then walk into the real-life situation of it?

But seriously Kevin. Who the fuck was your realtor on this? You guys didn't ask any background questions on the property? Why you were getting a deal on it? How many murders or sacrifices happened in the residence? How many portals to the underworld it had? 

Did you even bring in a priest or sage the place?

These were the things going through my head when next thing I know, BOOM, this video pops up on a meme account Instagram I follow. I was about to scroll through it when I saw still of this man- not a ghost- make no mistake, this is a fucking man- standing in the kitchen

Holy shit man. I would be out of that house so fast your head would spin. This person legit has a person living in their house, or at the very least, coming and going through a secret entrance like "Only Murders In The Building" or something. 

Now the commenters on tiktok are saying that's Rasputin in the pic. I personally think it looks like Russell Brand a little but either way, you need to get the fuck out of there.

As if that picture wasn't enough evidence, they also got this clip on film which is even more terrifying.

How do you see that, whatever that thing is lurking, like that, in your home, and ever step foot in it again? How do you ever turn a light off in the place again? 

p.s. - this girls whole page is freaky shit