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It's Race Week, So Let's Check In And See If Alica Schmidt Is Ready For It

Here I am minding my own business, looking around the Internet. Then I saw this from our favorite track and field athlete - Alica Schmidt. It's race week baby! Race week! There's nothing like it. There's nothing that gets the juices flowing than knowing you're competing. Nothing like the prep, the butterflies, the attitude. It's not even just racing, it's sports of any sort. You know what I'm talking about. The butterflies of game day are an elite feeling. Staring at the clock during the day. Staring at the clock during warmups. Just going through your routine. Elite, elite feeling.

Good to know Schmidt has been training too. 

Good luck to Alica! She's trying to get back to the Olympics. She's got a modeling career to balance. We'll be cheering for you!*

*When I find out from her Instagram how she did, I'll keep you posted.