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Prince William And Kate Middleton Look Totally Natural And Not Awkward Or Posed At All While "Taking A Walk In The Welsh Mountains"

Kate Middleton and Prince William are back in the Welsh hills.

With just over a week to go until King Charles and Queen Camilla's coronation, the Prince and Princess of Wales traveled to Wales on Thursday afternoon.

They met volunteers of the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team, who risk their lives helping to keep walkers and climbers on the nearby mountain range safe. The couple, who are enthusiastic about outdoor sports and the countryside, took the chance to take part in training activities like rappelling, medical support exercises and a search dog rescue demonstration.

Hiking and rural pursuits are key leisure activities in the nearby Bannau Brycheiniog National Park (which has recently been renamed from Brecon Beacons) in the heart of Wales and bring thousands of people to the area each year. The nearby Pen y Fan mountain (the highest peak in southern Britain) will regularly have lines of walkers heading to its top on fair weather days. As well as covering the incredibly popular Pen y Fan, the region also includes Ystradfellte waterfalls and the former coal mining valleys to the south.

I know what we're all thinking. "Kelly, what the fuck is this? An advertisement for this Welsh hiking mountain using two people nobody cares about?"

The answer is yes. It's been a while since I've written about the Royals, things got EXTREMELY messy after Prince Harry's book of oversharing came out and it started to feel a little gross to kick these people when they were down. I still to this day feel bad for them all, not because they "are rich and do nothing all day," but because they have no concept of reality. Harry, William, Charles their father and soon to be Coronated King - zero idea what the real world actually is. That's something to pity.

Sadly, my pity stops there. I can't let this fly. Apart from it clearly being a ploy to bring about tourism (why is there a full description of the park and its amenities in this People Magazine article, if it isn't some kind of paid deal?) Kate and William seem to have even LESS chemistry than they used to. I mean look at these people:

Matthew Horwood. Getty Images.

Holy shit. Is the man with the gun to their heads, out of frame? The forced, pained smiles are going to haunt my nightmares. The tandem walk as if they were just told, "Okay, start walking a little bit, we're just going to get a few shots." ZERO conversation being had, ZERO loving glances at each other - OOF. This almost does the opposite for me - I never want to go to this specific Welsh hiking path for fear of losing all hope of life, love and happiness. 

After reading Harry's book (this man's younger brother for those who may be lost) he described in detail about how much he hates the press, and how Charles and William always seemed to be willing to work with them and do what they were told to "mold their image." It cracks me up that this is what William and his team came up with. WHAT a backfire. 

It could have something to do with the fact that William's been accused of cheating all over the place, or the fact there's some kind of sketchy Rupert Murdoch payout rumors floating around that were in efforts to cover it all up. Chip off the old block, eh Willy?