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Two Bruins Fans Were Denied Entry Into Last Night's Game Because They Were Too Drunk So They Fought Each Other Instead #BecauseItsTheCup

Last night was a tough night for us. Losing in OT to the Panthers was not how we wanted it to go, to say the very least. I was looking forward to closing out the series and getting these banged up guys some rest. But as bad as our nights were, I guess it could be worse, like these two fellas who were denied entry into the game for (allegedly) being too drunk.

Now look, I respect our boys in blue. I give them a nice wave or a head nod when I see them handling business outside the Garden during home games. And it looks nearly impossible. Not to further a stereotype, because I mean this is the most positive, enduring way possible, but Bruins fans get DRUNK. So for two fans to be TOO DRUNK to get into the game? I cannot imagine the level of drunkeness that must be for the police officers to be like "nope, you two, not going in". 

So the did the only rational thing, right? Fist fought each other and got taken into custody. What's even funnier is I can see this altercation happening in my mind... one guy is for sure blaming the other guy for being too shitfaced so they can't get into the game while the other guy is saying no, actually it's YOU that's too shitfaced bro. The number of "bros" being tossed around could have set a world record for bros per minute. 

Hey, we can't all be saints especially during playoff time with the way the drinks are flowing, nothing wrong with a little buzz before the game, let the boys live (unless they were being real assholes, and in this case it wouldn't shock me if they were)! But with that being saiiiiiid, I think 46 years old may be a tad bit too old to be punching someone whilst intoxicated, but on the other hand..... #BECAUSEITSTHECUP!!!!!

Bruins in 6...

(h/t Boston dot com)