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If You're A White Sox Fan, This Radio Caller Went On A Must Listen Rant On Waddle And Silvy's Show Yesterday

My HEAVENS what a rant!!! I don't care if you root for the Yankees, Cubs, Sox, or the El Paso Chihuahuas, that was as good a radio call in as you'll ever hear. Doesn't matter if you don't give a shit about the subject matter or not. It was the best one I've heard without a doubt. You can tell this guy obsesses over this team like a psychopathic masochist with the best of 'em. He touched on EVERY wart this organization has. 

And Waddle nailed it too when he said this guy pulled a Frank the Tank from Old School. Just blacked out and let brilliance fly. Absolutely incredible. 

I bitch and moan about the White Sox quite a bit, but this guy echoes every single solitary thought and emotion of mine better than I could ever dream of articulating (duh). The anger. The frustration. And the worst part, like Berto said, is that most of us loved the vision. Loved what they said they were gonna do. 

Sure does look like we got fucking hoodwinked. I'm embarrassed