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A Beautiful Sight: Knicks Fans Are Going Wild In The Streets Of NYC, Chanting 'Fuck Phil Jackson' And Celebrating Their Asses Off

I don't care if this is all for a first round series win. Fuck it. Celebrate all you want because frankly, we don't remember what it's like. For some of these fellas this is at most the second time they've seen our beloved Knicks in the second round of the playoffs. They are acting accordingly. The Knicks were dogs in the series against the Cavs. The Knicks weren't supposed to be scoreboard watching to see if they have time to rest in round 2 or have homecourt advantage in round 2. 

I know, I know. Every other fanbase knows how to act. Well, we don't. So act like animals. I'm not going to sit here and say fuck this. Absolutely not. Even dragging Phil Jackson is hilarious. Dude was beloved at one point since he played here and then decided to come back. But we know how that ended. So drag him. He's not Leon Rose! 

We know this is what Knicks fans do after playoff wins. I love it. Sacramento has the Beam. Other fans don't react. Well, we have this. We have our crazies filling the streets of NYC and jumping off of shit to crowdsurf. We have people chanting together. This is a beautiful sight and one that I won't apologize for. Party all night. Just be ready for round 2. Goddamn that feels great to say.