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The 'White Sox Don't Do Anything Right' Chronicles, Part I: The Season Ticket Office

I will fully admit that I lied in the title of this blog. I know this is hard to believe, but the White Sox do one thing right, and that thing is food. The food at Sox Park is as good or better than any ballpark in the country. Credit where credit due.

That's it though. That's where the "good" starts and ends. I have started a blog that will be no less than 1 billion words detailing exactly why and how the White Sox make me sick that will come out some time in the next day or two. For now, I'll start with the first installment of my new series labeled, "The White Sox Don't Do Anything Right Chronicles". 

In this episode, we start with the season ticket department and this random guy's saga: 

This is such a mind bogglingly bad response from this ticket rep that I don't even know where I should start dissecting it. I've read the entire convo in full via DM and guess what? It's even worse than what you just read above, but I'll keep it to these screenshots only as there was sensitive info in the other ones and the guy who sent them to me asked me not to share. 

Anyways, I'll start with this quote: 

I've never met a fan who only cheers for a team that contends year after year especially a fan who also supports the Bears who hasn't been to a Super Bowl since 2006

The guy's response to that message was a lot nicer than mine would have been. I would have said, "listen here you condescending fucking prick, fuck your mother and never text me again and take me off your call list for future seasons. You lost a customer. Oh yeah, 2006 is more recent than 2005, the last time the Sox have made the World Series.

PS - Idk who what fans of what organizations you talk to, but "winning consistently" is literally all that 99% of fans care about, you clown" 

What an EMBARRASSMENT of an organization. They. Do. Nothing. Right.

Except food of course.

We'll talk about it more on The Midshow tomorrow. Until then, Sox fans need to stop going to games. Whoever wants my seats in section 159, let me know, they're paid for and they're yours. Until an actual overhaul is made for this team, I'm done going unless I have to for work.

The White Sox have pissed me off plenty of times in my life. This is the first time I'm truly embarrassed to call myself a fan. Pair that with my utter anger and disgust and you have a lethal emotional cocktail right there. They make me sick to my stomach and I wish I were speaking with an ounce of embellishment right now. 

I'm not. I have never been so mad at anyone or anything in my life. Fuck them.