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White Sox Ticket Sales Employee Sends A Wild Text To A Fan Hyping Up The Team That You Need To See For Yourself

The White Sox existence as a whole is one of the saddest things in sports. It's not talked about a lot because well, it's the White Sox and nobody gives a shit about them besides White Sox Dave. I have made fun of them since I worked at Barstool because Dave doesn't stop talking about their core and that we should all be praying for the league. This isn't a blog about how bad of an organization they are, but more to show you that it stems from the field all the way to ticket sales. 

The first sentence is so funny to me, "I am sorry to hear your support is tied to the teams wins and losses." What other reason would a fan care about the team for? There isn't one real fan out there that goes to these games for fun or because they have the best hot dogs or some shit. If you are going for fun, good for you, but you aren't a real fan. The whole point of a die hard is that they live and die on how the success or failure of the team. 

Then goes on to talk about how they have the same core which I already told you about. He says they brought in a key player like Benintendi. Good outfielder, but remember the Sox have never paid someone a 100 million dollar contract. In 2023 for a team that plays in Chicago that's almost impossible to hear. 

The best part of the whole text is the person saying they haven't met a fan who only roots for a team that contends every year, especially one who supports the Bears who haven't been to a Super Bowl since 2006. Talking about your baseball team, who already sucks, and then throwing in a ricochet shot towards your football team is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. 

More fans need to be like this guy. When your team sucks we need to stop showing up to games and give them our money. Show them you mean business and we won't show up until you pay some superstars to play here and make some changes. I can't believe this was a real text but I also love how crazy fans are.