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Deion Sanders Said He Has To 'Clean Out The Old Furniture' After Colorado Had More Than 50 Players Enter The Transfer Portal

Well, Deion Sanders isn't being subtle when answering questions about the 51 Colorado players who have entered the transfer portal.

CU has been the talk of college football since its spring game last Saturday, after which dozens of players have announced their intentions to transfer. It seemed fairly obvious a majority of them were probably encouraged to do so, but Coach Prime came right out and said it without mincing words.

Sanders obviously has quite a lot of work to do to turn around a team which went 1-11 last season, but I don't remember ever seeing a roster turnover like this in Year 1, even in the transfer portal era. The Buffs will likely only have a handful of players from last year's team even play a snap in 2023. This will be a rather unique experiment in roster construction and I can't wait to see how it works out.

Coach Prime has gotten some top-end talent to Boulder already, so we'll see if he's able to replace these dozens of players with enough of the players he wants to make a splash in his first season.