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Up Next For Floyd Mayweather? A Fight With John Gotti's Grandson

This from what I know has been in the works for awhile. Some of you may know, some of you might not, but there is no love from the living Gotti Family towards me. Some of the family downright hates me LOL. However from people I do know, they have told me this was supposedly in the works since last year. When we hear the name, Gotti, it's synonymous with organized crime. 

Gotti III is the grandson of John Gotti Sr, the most well known mafia boss in modern American history. Now while he wasn't an effective or long lasting boss, his charm and sharp dressing and attitude made him a Robin Hood type figure to some. This kid's father is John Gotti Jr, the son of Gotti who would take the mantle of the family when his father went away in the early 90's. Gotti Jr would eventually face multiple trials from the FEDS, beat them and according to him he "quit" the Mob. He is looked at poorly in Mafia circles due to his sit-down with the government where he was also involved in a proffer session giving information to the FEDS. He has made a good life for his kids and this son is quite talented from what I understand. This is a major opportunity for his career for sure. 


Now he gets his shot at one of the greatest boxers in history. Regardless of it being an exhibition, it's huge for the growing career of young Gotti who started his career in MMA even getting some love from Joe Rogan 

Lucky for him his last name is Gotti and that name still moves needles in a lot circles. Let's set what he has. Could he actually add an L to Money's record? Well no, because from I understand it won't count but he would still be looked at as the one guy that beat Floyd. The flight is scheduled for June 11th 2023. 

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