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Whistleblowers are Telling Congress How They've Been Involved in 'Reverse Engineering' Technology from Crashed UFOs

Kevin Dietsch. Getty Images.

One of the most compelling - and plausible - aspects of the UFO/UAP phenomenon is the notion of "reverse engineering" alien technology. The concept being that we've recovered the wreckage of crashed UFOs and tasked scientists and engineers with finding out what makes it work, and how to apply it to our own uses. Usually through very specialized departments, all separate and distinct from one another. And to keep it all highly classified, so that none of them is aware of what the other is doing. 

Bob Lazar, of Joe Rogan podcast fame, has been telling the same story for decades. That he was assigned to work at a top secret facility in the desert, and his specialty was propulsion systems. Specifically involving the bending of gravity itself. Among his claims was the discovery of a material we didn't know existed, Element 115. And years after he began talking about it, it was added to the Periodic Table with the name Moscovium. 

Another authority who was very forthcoming about reverse engineering was Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso in his book The Day After Roswell. The book goes into great detail about how he was assigned to distribute the components to various government agencies and even give some away to private defense contractors - without telling them where items came from - to see if they can develop them for commercial applications. From which we got things like silicon chips and night vision.

And if you don't mind going pure science fiction for a second, there's a deleted scene from Independence Day where they talk about how we developed computers from the downed alien crafts. Which fills the mothership-sized plot hole by explaining how exactly Jeff Goldblum was able to plug his laptop into a spaceship and upload a virus that helped bring the sons of bitches down

Now we've come as close as ever to proving that this endeavor to adapt alien tech to our own uses isn't merely the claim of a socially awkward nerd, a dead Air Force officer, or a bunch of screenwriters. There are people testifying to Congress about it, thanks to a new law that protects UFO whistleblowers:

Source - Senior members of congress have spoken to as many as six whistleblowers who claim they worked on Roswell-style UFO crash retrieval and reverse engineering programs, according to a top attorney, a leading Stanford scientist, and ex-UFO program officials. …

The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) [gives] high-ranking Senators classified reports on any previously undisclosed programs 'relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena, including with respect to material retrieval, material analysis, reverse engineering'. 

In an exclusive interview with, [Attorney] Daniel Sheehan said he is in contact with at least six former government officials or military contractors who say they worked on just such a program. …

Sheehan said that some of these half-dozen whistleblowers briefed the staff of Senate committees dealing with military intelligence even before the NDAA passed, and may have even been the inspiration for Senators to include the 'reverse engineering' language. …

[Stanford] Immunologist and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Garry Nolan was commissioned by the CIA to investigate cases of the mysterious Havana Syndrome inflicting embassy officials worldwide, and has conducted experiments analyzing material allegedly jettisoned in UFO flyovers.

He claims to be in contact with several former staffers of extraordinary UFO 'reverse engineering' programs.

It's hard to overstate the significance of this. The federal law that gives whistleblowers legal protection to … well, blow whistles, is a giant leap forward toward getting close to the truth. And is already paying dividends with this reverse engineering revelation. And it's remarkable given that the same federal government that is now ensuring their protection is the one that until recently denied there ever was any material to reverse engineer.  That in fact, spent billions to cover up the existence of these programs and discredited and humiliated anyone who said their was. Now all those denials, coverups and Non-Disclosure Agreements are completely impotent, thanks to the NDAA. 

I'll just add one caveat here. A while back Rogan had on physicist Andrew Huberman, who's skeptical about all this. And his theory is that the federal government is making all this noise about UFOs to cover up something else that they're working on. Like a revolutionary new method of propulsion or an entirely new weapons system. In the same way they hid The Manhattan Project, Stealth planes or the SR-71 Blackbird. I can't do his argument justice here. Just that it sounded pretty compelling. 

But still, I'm going with the whistleblowers. And hope that they keep on blowing until there's no more whistle left. My guess is this is just the beginning.