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State Farm Arena Booked A Janet Jackson Concert For The Same Night As Hawks-Celtics Game 6

I learned a couple things from this booking conflict: Janet Jackson is still touring in 2023 and whoever does the scheduling at State Farm Arena has no faith in its main tenant.

You know how many booking contingency plans TD Garden has for the next month? Zero. You can have your concerts when the NBA and NHL Playoffs are over. That's what you get from a city that expects its team to win. Instead, the Hawks have to work around Janet fucking Jackson to play Game 6 of a playoff series.

Thankfully, State Farm Arena has already moved the concert to Friday, but that doesn't rectify the fact this was ever an issue to begin with. Trae Young is out here making logo threes to keep the season alive and he has to deal with shit like this. Shameful.

And in the best twist to this story, Jackson's concert will now be at the same time Taylor Swift is performing at Mercedes-Benz Stadium next door. Y'all have fun getting downtown on Friday!