Basketball Guy: Dan Hurley Sent President Biden's Congratulatory Call To Voicemail Because He Was On The Phone With A Recruit

Mitchell Layton. Getty Images.

[Athletic] - President Joe Biden called — though Hurley missed it. He was talking to a Class of 2024 recruit and saw a 202 area code number buzz in, but didn’t make the connection. “It doesn’t come up on your caller ID, like Joe Biden,’’ Hurley says. “I just assumed when the President calls, it would be someone interrupting your call and saying, ‘The President is on the line.’ So, yeah, I’m on the phone with a ’24 (recruit) that I never saw and missed a call from the President of the United States. But I got a voicemail.’’

Let's get right to the point here. This is peak Dan Hurley. Even if the voicemail said Joe Biden, Dan Hurley isn't hanging up with a recruit. It has nothing to do with politics, Dan Hurley just wants to win another title. The man is wired to coach basketball. Look at his family. Bob Hurley Sr. and Bobby Hurley would have done the same thing. You win one title, you get your ass back out there and you find those fucking recruits. 

I do agree with Hurley here too. I assumed if the President is calling you, you get a heads up. Like hey this number is going to be the White House, you might want to pick that one up. At the minimum someone is telling you like hey around 12:30 on this day you'll be getting a call. Try to save 15 minutes on the calendar. Coaches are structured people. They don't like surprises. They want to see their calendar and stick to it. 

Hurley needs to land this recruit now though. His pitch should be simple. Hey man, I sent the President of our country to voicemail just to talk to you. Here's my title ring. You get to play in the Big East. Sound good? Okay, sign here for your letter of intent. This is also him just being a great recruiter. You tell that story, get it published and have everyone run with it. Hurley playing chess over here.