A Passenger On An American Airlines Flight From New York To India Peed On Another Passenger And This Is The THIRD Time It Has Happened On This Route Since The End Of 2022

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New York Post- A rowdy American Airlines passenger urinated on another traveler aboard a flight from New York to Delhi over the weekend.

“We’re grateful to our crew members who are consistently dedicated to the safety and care of our customers and handled the circumstances with the utmost professionalism.”

The incident is at least the third time a passenger has relieved themselves on another person on flights between New York and Delhi since late last year.

Last month, a 21-year-old student peed on a business-class passenger on the same 15-hour flight, American Airlines flight 292, in a drunken stupor. The Indian national who had been studying in the US was arrested as he stepped off the plane in Delhi.

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When people get inside and see this shit, they lose their absolute minds. The world is so crazy now that I didn't even blink an eye when I saw that some guy peed on someone in an airplane. He was probably drunk and angry about some overhead space or some shit. 

My question is how the fuck has this happened 3 times on the same type of flight? At this point the workers are just like "Welp, looks like we have another guy pissing on someone" like it's someone asking for a drink. What could ever posses you to whip out your dick and just start peeing on someone, especially when you are going to be stuck together for hours?

I also need to know at what point of the flight he did this. If this was a 15 hour flight and he did it on like hour 10, what was the set up for the next 5 hours? They just sit in the piss and wait for him to get arrested when they get off the plane? I don't get why people forget everything they have learned about manners or anything social when they got on a plane. It is pretty simple. You just sit there and watch the fucking Departed, wait your turn to get off, and boom you are at your destination. 

I also think this is partially on the crew because after it happened the 2nd time you have to see it coming the 3rd time.