The Cubs Crowd Chanted "He's On Steroids!!" At Fernando Tatis Jr. So He Decided To Dance Right In Their Faces

Welcome back, Fernando! You knew he was going to get heckled for his PED suspension and the laundry list of other things he got into, but I didn't expect this. With the Cubs crowd chanting "HE'S ON STEROIDS!" over and over to him, he decided to show them his finest 1-2 step. 

Tatis. Jr. dancing and busting a move right in their faces is great. If you're trying to make fun of someone and they start playing intot it and dancing, you have lost. Just rubbing it in their faces that he's a better baseball player and dancer than everyone else. He's probably going to hear the fans every time they are on the road, but it seems like he's just going to have fun with it. I love it, I love it so much. 

PS. Cubs fans rooted for Sammy Sosa for 12 years so they don't really have a leg to stand on here?