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Legend: Jerry Springer Once Took A Piss At A Bengals Game With 500 People Chanting His Name Behind Him

NBC. Getty Images.

RIP to the one and only Jerry Springer. His daytime television show was must-see TV, and everyone knew him for his synonymous "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" chant.

That cheer came into play one time when Springer attended a Cincinnati Bengals game, and as he told Pardon My Take when he was in-studio back in 2019, it was in a very unique setting. Take a look…

Jerry Springer: I was at a football game, I guess it was the Bengals, and at halftime, you know, you go to the men's room. And in the men's room at the stadium there, you know, you have 500-700 guys in the huge men's room at the same time. 

Mr. Commenter: Mancave.

Jerry Springer: So, it was my turn to step up to the urinal there and there's 500 guys behind me that suddenly spot me and go, "JERRY! JERRY!" Well, at my age, I have enough pressure, I don't need 500 guys behind me chanting my name when I'm trying to take a whiz.

Mr. Cat: Yes, did you?

Jerry Springer: I said, "I'll be right with you guys!"

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, d you get stage freight?

Jerry Springer: No, I turned around and sprayed them.

RIP, Jerry Springer.