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Percy Harvin Was Better Than Reggie Bush In College

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Today I saw a clip of Cam Newton, who in my opinion is the greatest player in college football history (go debate a can of chew found in a Kentucky football stadium if you think differently), stating that Percy Harvin is the reason Tim Tebow could be who he was in college and I thoroughly agree. But every time Percy’s name comes up, there will be a sports fan who mentions Reggie Bush. It’s so strange that people actually think Reggie was better than Percy. 

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Being a Gators fan of course there could be some bias in my choosing. But when you look at the competition that both players played, you’d realize that there’s no comparison. Reggie Bush played in a conference where…come on man, there’s no comparison to the SEC! You take any opponent from the Pac 10( at the time) and place them in the SEC against LSU, Florida, Georgia even the ugly blue of Kentucky and they’d get their asses handed to them. Every single Saturday for three years, Percy Harvin made future NFL players look like middle school roller blade skaters. It's the hate that comes with playing for the University of Florida.

Percy Harvin's freshman year he was the SEC Championship MVP! The man didn't even have facial hair and yet he was putting players in washing machines on permanent spin cycles.

Percy played every position like he belonged there. There was no 1-2 punch of thunder and lighting where LenDale White would come in and soften up the defense so Reggie could go long. And I know I know, I may be sounding like a hater at this point but for 3 years, Percy Harvin was the best player on a Florida Gators football team that was stacked with NFL talent amongst other accolades that aren't important to this current blog.

And I would be a liar to say that the allure of Reggie running down the sidelines where he dead leg stops (Peter Warrick's move) or front flips into the end zone

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as he toyed with a team that looks like children from the Little Giants movie but come on man! Percy Harvin played with a fractured leg in the 2008 national championships game and was the best player on the field undoubtedly. When Percy was in town, people would still go out in bad weather like a satellite, word to field mob!