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The Rams Went From Screaming 'Fuck Them Picks' To Dropping A Draft Hype Video Featuring Breaking Bad, Cheech And Diplo

You know what? Give me all the draft hype videos. It's so outrageous because the draft is somewhat a crapshoot. Yeah, you can have a great scouting department but all it takes is your guy to go one pick before you and send you into a tailspin. All it takes is one mistake and a pick not mattering. Shit how many draft picks work out for the team who drafted them? It's not a 100% hit rate obviously. 

But now you have the Rams, who are so unintentionally hilarious with the draft. Remember Les Snead wore this shirt: 

It's true to a degree. They don't have a 1st round pick this year. They have a bunch of late picks and 11 total, but they did live by fuck them picks. That's what makes a draft hype video even more hilarious. Going all out for the draft when you won a Super Bowl by claiming those picks were worthless. Hey, I'm not knocking them. Winning a Super Bowl title is all that matters. 

Not only did they drop a hype video, they are drafting from a ridiculous place again

I can't think of a more unexpected group in this hype video than the Breaking Bad duo, Diplo and Cheech. All-time crew and leaning into the whole lab thing. I get it. Just not what I expected from the Rams. I still can't get over the Draft. I'm old enough to remember when you just waited, read the bottom line to see any picks you might miss and then listened to arguments on TV. That was it. That was the draft. 

Now you get concerts, 3 days of the draft and everything else. Still fucking insane. But this is about the Rams. There's something beautiful about going from fuck them picks to this hype video.