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Nikola Jović's Reaction To Jimmy Butler's Stat Line Was The Embodiment Of Everyone Watching Game 4 Last Night

Just an all timer of raw emotion. Guy couldn't even hide it. Just awestruck at what kind of night he had. Jovic is a pro and even he was floored at the stats Butler put up and the shots he was making. It was interesting to see that even a professional and his teammate can be absolutely stunned at what was going on. Everyone watching that game was in awe of what Butler was doing, and for even a moment Jovic got lost in it himself. It was a cool thing to see just how many people were amazed by Butler. 

The comments and jaw-dropping didn't just stop at his teammates. Charles Barkley went on record to call it the best performance he's seen since he's been on television. 

It's hard to argue with that statement when you factor in how important the game was in the series, and just how absolutely insane some of the plays he made were. I still always thought this vintage performance by Lebron would be hard to top. 

After watching Butler last night, you could give either one the gold and the silver and I wouldn't bat an eye. 

I don't want to get ahead of myself as a Knicks fan, and there's a lot of basketball to be played in both series but at this point are we sure the Heat are an easier matchup than the Bucks , the way the Heat are playing? The Heat terrify me and Jimmy Butler terrifies me.