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Tottenham's New Low: Got Its Ass Kicked So Bad By Newcastle, The Club Is Now Reimbursing Fans Who Traveled To See The Match

What the fuck is this? Then again, that's the same thing every single one of us Spurs fans have said over and over and over again. In case you missed it, Tottenham played Newcastle over the weekend. Massive match with top-4 implications on the line. Here's what happened: 

Real fucking solid showing boys! Way to fight. It was so pathetic, Tottenham fired its interim manager: 

Do you know how bad it has to be to fire an INTERIM manager? For a brief day I figured that would be the lowest moment in recent club history. Then this happened. Apologizing days later and reimbursing fans? Jesus, this is supposed to be a major soccer club. What about the rest of us? What about the rest of us idiots who decided to support Tottenham in the mid-2000s because their friend who had all the matches was a diehard Arsenal fan? Ever think about morons like that? 

Reimbursing fans is an insane move. Can we expect this every time there's a giant shit laid on the pitch in a big match? If so, might as well keep millions in a different account because it's every year. How about we just don't fucking suck in a match that you need a result in? That seems like a reasonable step to take.