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Live Television Rocks: Adam Schefter Broke The Aaron Rodgers Trade News In The Middle Of A Hit On NFL Live

At this point, we all knew that Aaron Rodgers to the Jets was eventually going to happen. And that moment finally took place this afternoon, while the one and only Adam Schefter just so happened to be on the air on ESPN's NFL Live. 

Host Laura Rutledge teed up Schefty on the topic of the quarterback situation in San Francisco, but that immediately became irrelevant when the Big J screamed...

"BREAKING NEWS! Aaron Rodgers is being traded officially to the New York Jets, and it just came down moments ago in a trade involving six picks. Aaron Rodgers is going to the New Yorj Jets, it's official, it is happening. Finally, after all this time. We've been waiting for this trade to happen, and now it is. And here are the details of the trade that just came down. The Jets are sending their first round pick this year, their second round pick this year..." 

*(producer cuts to a shot including every member of the crew...)*

Schefter just took the floor and DOMINATED it. All eyes and ears were on him, and rightfully so. The moment somebody else even attempted to talk, Schefty let them know that this is his time and his time only.

This is the biggest story of the NFL Offseason, so we must let Adam Schefter have his time to shine!

The moment that Schefter brings out his phone on live television to read all of the details, it's nobody's turn to talk but his. Live television at its finest, folks.

Full trade details below…