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Nightmare: Rick Pitino Got Bombarded With Texts All Night After He Leaked His Own Number On National TV

And here's how it happened: 

And that's how you end up with over 300 text messages. Here's the thing. It's two things. It's 1) Peak Pitino. He's doing this for recruiting purposes. I know he's out there giving a number so he can get some NIL money going. 2) Pitino is finally labeled as an old. Old people do this. Everyone knows you text the person your number. Can't be caught on camera giving away your phone number all willy nilly. 

I want to know who actually is texting Pitino though. I assume it's mostly St. John's fans, all few dozens of them, just telling him how he needs to save the program. Nothing new there. But who is sending him random ass text messages. I wish Pitino just posted them and started responding. Have fun with it and get a burner number then to give to recruits and boosters. 

All I know is I'm so happy Rick is back at a major conference again. College basketball is better off with him there. But this is a nightmare. There's nothing worse than getting a call or text from a number you don't know. Pitino is getting this all night. Way to tweet through it, Rick. Cameras are always on.