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Beating The Shit Out Of Kelly Keegs With My Roommate's Dog

What you just saw above was an incredible acting performance. Was it from Tommy paying Chase, the cool guy with a vape who may or may not drop the N word after three mikes hard? Was it Keegs? Keegs has become the go to actress at Barstool. Putting up performances with undeniable raw commitment and intentions. Was it Nick? Nick is starring as Chase, who had to go record The Yak 30 minutes after we started recording so he is only in the first half of the sketch. However, his one line in the beginning, sets the tone for the rest of this masterpiece.

No. The real actor is a small, young, crusty ass dog named Koda. 

At just 8.2 pounds, Koda is the smallest cast mate, with the biggest performance. When I go to grab Koda out of Kelly's arms, Koda growls at the camera with so much passion, so much feeling, it's undeniable he steals the show. 

Now to address the controversy…. Yes, Koda is a male. Yes, Koda is playing a female in this sketch. Is that wrong? Well, technically Koda is "fixed" meaning Koda is low-key non binary. Therefore, Koda is making history as the first non binary starring in a sketch at Barstool Sports.

Koda was so dedicated to this project, he did all of his own stunts. Meaning, no stuffed animal stunt double. We did throw Koda against the wall. We did use him to beat the shit out of Kelly Keegs.

Koda said himself, I mean thereself, these stunts are nothing worse then being at the dog park with a lab. Those labs beat the shit out of Koda. But he doesn't complain. He doesn't bitch like the losers in the comments. He takes it like a man, I mean, person, I mean, Dog.