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Will Levis Hits Crossbar from 50 Yards On His Knees

I am a fan of rocket arms. I am a bigger fan of accurate rocket arms. Will Levis has a goddamn Rocket Propelled Grenade that gives vets PTSD when they hear the football whistle when he hucks it. The craziest part is he doesn't even have the fastest throw in his draft class. DTR and Anthony Richardson both have him beat. Josh Allen still has the fastest at 62mph but was recently tied. 

You are never going to have to throw that fast in-game, Josh Allen only tops out at 55mph on his fastest throws. 

Everyone whos relates this to Jamarcus Russell doing the same thing its stupid. I want to be wowed by Draft prospect's arms. I want them to show that mutherfucker off. I want them to be throwing footballs over the grand canyon and shit. Will Levis is way too jacked to have a low work ethic like Jamarcus Russell. My only concern is him being TOO Jacked. 

I am pumped to see where he ends up because if he drops to New England and plays for his hometown team, he might end up destroying the league in the near future.