Brock Purdy Apparently Learned How To Throw Lefty This Offseason

It's incredible the situation Brock Purdy has put the Niners in. He's got them actively seeking out a trade partner for Trey Lance because they believe he's their man! What Purdy did last year was amazing, but there's no telling how he responds from this major of an injury. Still, you gotta roll with him, even if it's complicated. It's crazy what a few months can do for the trajectory of an entire franchise. 

I think I like Brock Purdy, but I don't enjoy how serious he is about throwing lefty. There's absolutely no chance he learned how to throw lefty, nor will ever. All of that was one big tease to piss me off on this Monday. Who are you kidding? That being said could you imagine the threat of a QB who could legitimately throw with both hands? Shohei Ohtani has revolutionized the game of baseball with his ability to pitch and hit. Is the next evolution of the QB position a guy who can throw with either hand? It seems possible, but it would take more work than an offseason of fucking around like Purdy did. 

 I think Purdy might be in the best position of all time. He was the last pick in the draft and over delivered. That's how everyone needs to live life. Promise very little and when you deliver something kinda good people go over the moon for you, like trade away the 3rd overall pick because they believe in you.