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Padres Owner Pete Seidler Mixes It Up With The Common Folk In The Stands At Petco Park This Weekend

The White Sox just got cream pied by the Rays for 3 straight games and still have yet to win a series this entire season. It's pathetic and frankly, I'm embarrassed to be a fan of that organization. They sold us on the rebuild in 2016, a path I was all for, and they fucked it up. 

SAS sums up my thoughts regarding this organization perfectly: 

I went out and had a lil Sunday funday to distract myself because that organization makes my blood boil. Sunday fundays are the best; start early, end early, and hit the couch by the time it's dark out to watch more sports or whatever is in the 8pm slot on HBO. That's exactly what I did. Was in a great mood for a hot minute. That mood quickly changed when I was shuffling through IG and stumbled on the video above.

I fucking hate Jerry Reinsdorf. HATE him. Yes, by all accounts he's a great man and everyone who knows him on a personal level loves him. I don't care. He runs his two organizations like a fucking asshole. Not only would he never, ever mingle with fans like Pete Seidler, he can't be bothered to grab a mic, get in front of a camera and at least *try* to explain this shit show. He's the owner after all; the buck stops with him. Instead he'll send Hahn out there to get eaten alive. 

And that's not to say Hahn isn't also implicit in this too; he for sure is. He's got a $180MM payroll or whatever it is. None of those pre-arb extensions have worked out and he didn't have a plan B. I've said over and over and over again that the Chris Sale type extensions are only team friendly when the players dominate over the life of them. If they don't, the team is paying way more than they would have if the players went through the normal arb process.

Add in like 5 pre-arb extensions that have been nothing short of aborted fetuses, and you have the mess we're in now. The ONLY way to work around them is to buy on top of them. Jerry refuses to do that. Just awful ownership. Horrendous. 

I'd be shocked if there's not a redux of the white flag trade coming soon enough. Everyone in the entire organization should be fired and Jerry Reinsdorf should sell the team. There's not one person in Chicago with any mental capacity at all that thinks otherwise. This ain't it. It's fucking embarrassing.