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Dillon Brooks Blames The Fans And The Media For Painting Him As A Villain (Lollllllllll)


It's safe to say I'm officially obsessed with the Dillon Brooks storyline. Nobody has fucked around and found out harder than he has. All he does is talk shit and then lose. It's picture perfect. He does not shut the fuck up, despite him nor the Grizzlies ever having any actual success, and then he gets pushed around the court before smacking LeBron in the cock, getting ejected from the game, and then refusing to talk to the media after. All in all, all Dillon Brooks does is take L after L after L.

And whose fault is it? The media's!!!!




I will always remember where I was when the media and fans forced Dillon Brooks to chirp LeBron relentlessly. 

And you know what, it's great! If he ACTUALLY went full heel, full villain. But nope, he's blaming the media for…printing what he said, verbatim. At least lean into it like a Twitter troll and say all the reasons LeBrons titles are invalid, Mickey Mouse titles. Anything besides this.

It's a shame for Dillon Brooks this is what he'll be remembered as now. I guess it's better to be remembered for something, but this is a tough one. All he can do to save himself now is come back and win this series vs the Lakers. If not, the Grizz gotta trade him immediately this offseason. Bad for the brand if he sticks around after this terrible, awful playoff performance.