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Paul Rudd's Video Capturing The Moment Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Saw Wrexham Get Promoted Is As Cool As It Gets

I've talked about it plenty but this is still cool as shit. Two guys that we all know turning Wrexham into a promoted club is downright awesome. But now you have this video filmed by Paul Rudd - yes, that Paul Rudd - and the exact moment it happens. I love it. I know there will probably be some people saying they are still faking it or knew they were being taped. This is as pure emotion and reaction that you can see. I'm a sucker for that sort of shit, especially when it comes to moments like this. 

It's not like it was guaranteed either. We're talking 5th tier soccer here. Sure, they had a ton of money and spent on players but it didn't get them promoted last year. Wrexham lost in the playoff to get promoted. This season was no guarantee either. It was a 2-team race between Wrexham and Notts County for the title and promotion. It basically came down to Wrexham getting a win over Notts a couple weeks ago.

And now you have, for the first time in 15 years, Wrexham seeing promotion. It's more than just that too. The stadium has been updated. Fans have been rejuvenated. You see guys like Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd showing up to games and drinking with fans: 

Good to see them celebrate like they should have: