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Sergei Pavlovich Lands Another Huge First Round KO In Tonight's UFC Main Event

We had a bit of a weird card tonight at the UFC Apex. The most noteworthy thing that happened prior to the main event was probably a big clash of heads between Bobby Green and Jared Gordon which led to the end of their fight....

....and almost all of the other bouts ended either via first round finish or decision. 

Actually, the one fight that DIDN'T end via decision or first round knockout - and ended via third round TKO - was weird too! 

I mean, what the fuck was that stoppage? Brady Heistand finished Danaa Batgerel with the softest pitter patter punches of all time there! Sure, Danaa wasn't really defending himself, but maybe he thought he didn't have to! It wasn't like he was in any real danger there….but I digress.

Let's discuss the main event: Sergei Pavlovich put on ANOTHER vicious performance tonight and walked outta the octagon with another first round knockout on his record. This win, against Curtis Blaydes, is definitely the best of his career thus far - and his ability to withstand and walk through some of Curtis' early shots was super impressive. 

As a (responsible) Curtis Blaydes bettor on the Barstool Sportsbook, I'll never understand his gameplan to go in there and brawl with Pavlovich, who was clearly the better boxer - but maybe he just fell in love with his hands after the Daukus fight or something. I wouldn't stand and bang with Pavlovich if I were a UFC heavyweight tho - it just seems like a matter of time until he puts you to sleep if you try that. Blaydes' corner should've been begging and screaming for takedowns immediately.

Pavlovich is probably next in line for a Heavyweight title shot with this win, after Jon Jones/Stipe Miocic settle their business - but hell, maybe that fight falls apart and he's really next. This marks six first round finishes in a row in the UFC, with the only loss of his career coming in his debut against Alistair Overeem. Just another scary ass Russian coming for that title! Jones better watch his back.

P.S. Pavlovich was just casually sittin in the hotel casino playin slots before the fight tonight….

Pretty hilarious video. I think Billy Football did the same before he obliterated Jose Canseco.