Feel Good Moment To Start Your Day: Lewis Capaldi’s Tourettes Became An Issue At His Concert So the Crowd Finished His Song

Lewis Capaldi is an absolute legend who has bangers of songs and is one of the funniest musicians out there. Sometimes during his set his Tourettes takes over his body and he can't sing anymore, but the whole crowd taking over for him to sing every single word is one of the coolest things you'll see today. I couldn't imagine going out in from of tens of thousands of people where I might not be able to perform, but that’s why I think he is cool as fuck. We all need to be more like Lewis Capaldi. 

This isn't the first time it has happened on tour and the crowd always picks up for him. It’s nice to see not everyone is an asshole. If you have a chance go watch some of his videos, they’re worth the time.  I was feeling nice this morning and he's famous as shit but he deserves some more recognition for going out there night after night and still killing it.